NaturMed is the home of healthy holidays!

The NaturMed concept was first developed at our resort in Kusadasi-Turkey, on the west coast of Turkey, at the foot of the Samson Mountains. There,Dr.Yasar Yilmaz M.D., founded the first natural medical spa resort here in 2001. The focus is on activating the self-healing powers of the individual in order to have a powerful impact on personal health.

NaturMed Spa in Kusadasi Turkey is located on a gentle hill, offering its guests splendid views of the Aegean coastline. Its location, in the oxygen-rich area of the Dilek Peninsula National Park, has an abundance of pines, olive trees and fruit trees. There is also thermal water, rich in silicone dioxide, and the spa offers hot and cold water pools, a range of natural treatments, healthy activities and a healthy diet. In this environment everything needed to maintain health can be found.

The NaturMed Spa in Turkey offers excellent opportunities for effective cleansing and detoxification, for the treatment of chronic diseases and for the reduction of harmful stress.

Health programmes offered at the NaturMed Spa include pain therapy, nicotine withdrawal, treatment of sleep disorders, anti-aging measures, weight loss and the treatment of skin conditions and other chronic, systemic diseases. All guests are given the best opportunities to recharge mentally, emotionally and physically.

German professor, Dr.Karl Hecht, MD, a Professor of Neurophysiology and Professor Emeritus of Experimental and Clinical Pathophysiology of the Charite Humboldt University, Berlin, and a regular visitor to NaturMed Spa in Turkey since its inception, has said:

"Those who love unspoilt nature, far from city life and away from stress, and who want to live healthily, will find relaxation and happiness, healing from disease and strength for their future life in the oasis of the NaturMed Spa in Kusadasi."

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