Alkaline Fasting

Alkaline Fasting is to avoid acid making foods for a limited period of time. It is a perfect way to detoxify your body. During the alkaline diet, anything may be eaten that will alkalize the body. These are essentially vegetables, fruits, potatoes, herbs and seeds.

The concept of alkaline diet has been known since 1913 and is described as beneficial to health in complementary and integrative medicine. Alkaline fasting rests on a distinction made between acid forming and alkaline forming foods and only alkaline foods are consumed over a certain period of time. During a 1, 2 or 3 week alkaline fasting program NaturMed, no acid-forming foods such as animal products, processed foods, flour, sugar, alcohol and beverages containing caffeine are consumed.

The integration of Alkaline Vegan Fasting and Buchinger Fasting adds an additional dimension to our fasting concept, which makes Buchinger Fasting easier and generally doubles the health benefits of fasting. NaturMed offers you alkaline meals prepared with vegetables, fruits, herbs, sprouts, certain nuts, seeds, fresh juices and herbal teas which bring the acid and base back into balance. An alkaline fasting and hiking week at NaturMed helps your body to detoxify, regenerate, reduce excess weight and strengthen the immune system.

Alkaline Intermittent Fasting

Alkaline intermittent fasting is the alternation of phases with alkaline food intake and phases without food intake. An alkaline fasting and hiking week at NaturMed according to the 16:8 intermittent fasting principle helps with weight reduction, detoxification and regeneration of the body and strengthens the immune system. Intermittent fasting in combination with regular exercise and alkaline fasting improves hormonal function, the digestive system, increases energy, helps with gastrointestinal complaints, gas, weight loss and promotes general health.

Alkaline nutrition regulates the acid-base balance, thus makes you fit and makes you feel more energetic, younger and healthier. It can prevent chronic diseases and provides a healthy aging process. Enjoy a relaxing and health boosting alkaline fasting week in NaturMed Hotel and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Bad Endbach.

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