Your fasting hotel in Germany: visit NaturMed

Our fasting & wellness hotel NaturMed is nestled in spacious meadows on the edge of the forest of the spa town Bad Endbach. Whether cycling or hiking tours, excursions in the surrounding area or a visit to the thermal spa: In our fasting hotel in Bad Endbach, about 30 km from Marburg, Gießen and Wetzlar, you get pure relaxation and can fully enjoy your vacation. You want to be active and forget everyday life? Start a bike tour or hike to Marburg or the neighboring Aartalsee. If you are looking for relaxation, the spa park right across the street is recommended. The Lahn-Dill-Bergland Therme with a 5 star sauna is also only 250 meters away.

Come to rest in our fasting hotel in Hesse, Germany – where the heart of nature still beats to the rhythm of the seasons. Relax in the midst of green forests, wide fields and fresh water streams that characterize the area around our hotel. Discover the excellent network of hiking trails in Bad Endbach and the surrounding area our wellness area, which offers you a wide variety of treatments. During a longer stay in our wellness hotel you can book special health programs as well as Ayurveda and Kneipp weeks.

Fasting in a hotel in Germany: discover our possibilities

In addition to enjoying our natural surroundings, our daily health program, our wellness area with an indoor pool, sauna and infrared cabin you will also be accompanied by our experienced fasting guides during your detox program. As a certified fasting hotel in Germany, we offer our own concept in this regard: a combination of fasting according to Buchinger, alkaline fasting, fasting according to the 16:8 principle – also known as interval fasting – and a biorhythmic daily and weekly program. Book your fasting vacation with us!

Definition of fasting

But what exactly does fasting mean? Dr. Otto Buchinger described fasting as a voluntary and conscious renunciation of food and stimulants for a certain period of time. Fasting is to be understood as a body cleansing "from the inside" and means more than simply ”not eating” for a while. If you want to fast according to Buchinger, for example – a fasting plan composing of water, vegetable broth, herbal tees, fresh juices as well as daily hikes and relaxation exercises form the basis of our program at NaturMed Hotel. These activities serve to cleanse and relieve the body. The courses are conducted by certified fasting guides. You can book a one, two or three week program in our fasting hotel in Germany.

Visit our fasting hotel in Germany in the heart of Hesse

Would you like to try out the principle of fasting in a hotel in the heart of Germany and get to know the different methods? In addition to fasting according to Buchinger you will also get to know interval fasting as well as alkaline fasting during your visit to our hotel. Whether for weight reduction, increasing your well-being and energy or maintaining muscle strength: Fasting is a healthy way to detoxify your body and boost your immune system.

At NaturMed Hotel you will learn about the entire spectrum fasting encompasses – from guided hikes to water gymnastics to a nutrition plan tailored to your needs. The schedule varies depending on the length of your stay at our fasting hotel. While you have the choice between fasting according to Buchinger or alkaline fasting during a one-week visit, both fasting methods can be applied during a two- and three-week program. In addition, you can round off your vacation with relaxation programs in the sauna or infrared cabin as well as other wellness treatments or yogalates, a combination of yoga and pilates.

NaturMed Hot Springs & Holistic Health Center in Turkey

When our founder Yasar Yilmaz, MD created the first sanatorium and holistic health center of Turkey at the foot of the Samson mountains in 2001, NaturMed health cencept was also born. The focus of our holistic health concept is on activating people’s self-healing forces through life-style changes. In addition to NaturMed Hotel – our wellness & fasting hotel in Bad Endbach in Germany – our central facilities are located in Kusadasi on the Turkish west coast. Situated on a slight hill, NaturMed Hot Springs in Turkey offers its guests a fantastic view of the coast and the sea.

In addition to a breathtaking natural landscape in the nearby surroundings, you have the opportunity for an effective body cleanse – also known as detox – for a healthy weight loss, for the treatment of many chronic diseases and for stress reduction. We also conduct therapeutic fasting in Kusadasi. In NaturMed Kusadasi you have a doctor by your side in our medical hot spring spa who will accompany you on your journey with a lot of know-how and empathy. Contact us – we look forward to your enquiry!

Get active at our fasting hotel!

Hiking enables you to discover and experience nature with all your senses. The hiking trails of the nature park Lahn-Dill-Bergland – not far from our wellness hotel – are certified and awarded the title “Quality Host for Hiking in Germany” "Qualitätsgastgeber Wanderbares Deutschland" by the German Hiking Association. Wonderful views, wide landscapes and impressive flora lure every hiking enthusiast outdoors. Nordic Walking fans also get their money's worth at their stay at our wellness & fasting hotel in Germany: NaturMed Hotel offers routes for beginners and professionals – directly connected to the route network of the Bad Endbach nordic walking path.

Return to your comfortable room in our wellness hotel after a full day’s walking or bike tour, take a few laps in the swimming pool and then let yourself be spoiled with culinary delights at dinner. Enjoy our fasting hotel in Germany from morning to evening!

Vacation in our wellness & fasting hotel in Germany: Healthy for body, mind and soul

Visit us at our fasting hotel in Germany and experience what it means to feel good and energetic all over. Leave the stress of everyday life behind and get to know a completely new feeling of your body and mind. With the fasting methods offered in our house – along with our wellness applications, exercise and relaxation sessions – you will have more energy and improve your well-being. A successful fasting program always requires an exercise program composing of hiking and stretching programs. We offer you everything required for a healthy detox from one source in NaturMed: Alkaline Fasting or Buchinger Therapeutic Fasting, guided hikes, wellness-applications and complementary exercise & relaxation programs.

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