NaturMed Fasting Concept

Fasting & Hiking & Wellness in Harmony with Nature’s Rhythms in NaturMed-Bad Endbach

NaturMed offers fasting guests Buchinger Fasting, Alkaline Fasting according to the 16:8 intermittent fasting principle and a combination of both methods for 2 and 3 week stays.

Fasting courses are led by fasting instructors who are certified by a fasting doctor. NaturMed fasting concept is not limited to Buchinger Fasting and Alkaline Fasting. A wide variety of detoxification methods and methods supporting the fasting process such as regular exercise (forest hiking, swimming, pilates, dance therapy), sauna, infrared cabin, massages, body/mind techniques (yoga, breathing exercises, meditations) are applied along with the fasting program. NaturMed Fasting Program is a detox vacation for stress and weight reduction, energy building and a healing break for the body and soul.

Fasting & Hiking

Daily hikes are an important part of our program. Walking while fasting is important to facilitate and boost the detoxification process, to achieve well-being and energy, to keep the muscles strong, to burn fat faster and simply to feel better.

NaturMed is a certified hiking hotel

NaturMed Hotel is certified by the German Hiking Association as a quality hosts of Hiking Hotels of Germany. The institute has also awarded the Bad Endbach “Viertälerweg” with the “Hessen Premium Extra Tour” seal of approval. The Lahn-Dill-Bergland-pfad, which opened in 2008, runs directly alongside NaturMed Hotel. Bad Endbach Nordic Walking Park starts in the immediate vicinity.

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