The History of NaturMed Hotel Heckenmühle 

Originally this hotel was a mill, first documented in 1586. It was located in front of a hedge and so it was called "Heckenmühle" (“Hedges Mill”). It was, later converted into a restaurant and then into a hotel. Today, the original Heckenmühle is part of the NaturMed Group, which has its headquarters in Turkey. The Heckenmühle has now become the NaturMed Country Hotel.
  • 1586  –  The first mention of the Heckenmühle Mill in a document. 
  • Up to 1870  –  Heckenmühle is a functioning flour mill. Subsequently auctioned for economic reasons.
  • Early 1900  –  Converted into a paint mill.
  • 1925  –  Taken over by Mr. Stiehl. Rebuilt and and opened as a restaurant.
  • 1930- 31  –  The restaurant goes bankrupt. Adolf Ortmann purchases the mill.
  • 1934  – Adolf Ortmann junior acquires the restaurant.
  • 1939  –  Adolf Ortmann Junior is drafted into the armed forces and the restaurant is closed.
  • Up to 1954  –  The Heckenmühle building is used to house refugees. From 1954 onwards the rooms become available again and are let to people visiting the nearby spa.
  • 1959  –   The attic area is developed into guest rooms.
  • 1961-1962  –  Construction of the house in Teichstraße 2 with guest rooms and treatment rooms. This becomes known as the Heckenmühle Kneipp Spa.
  • 1969  –  The indoor swimming pool is constructed and the building is taken over by Christa and Rainer Ortmann. 
  • 1970  – Gerhard Ortmann, a masseur and lifeguard, takes over the rooms and establishes a massage practice. He manages this practice for over 30 years, until 2002. 
  • 1976 – A tennis court and sauna are constructed.
  • 2000 – An Ayurvedic department is established.
  • 2001 – The hotel achieves a superior “3 stars superior” classification.
  • 2003  – The seminar rooms are established.
  • 2004  –    The sauna area is developed to include a steam sauna and infrared sauna cabin.
  • 2006  –  The physiotherapy practice is renovated and the  wellness and health department expanded.
  • 2009  –  A combined heat and power plant is installed.
  • 2018  –  NaturMed Hotel GmbH acquire the hotel to re-establish it as a major holistic wellness destination, following the concept of the original, NaturMed Thermal Springs and Spa Resort in Turkey
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